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What Is Forward-Looking in Management? Statement & Disclosure

“What is a safe harbor statement?” It is a forward-looking statement that doesn’t pretend to be a fact. It is merely speculation about future events and therefore should not be relied upon as a certainty. Before I delve into this subject, the distinction must be made between actual forward-looking statements …

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“What Are the Limitations of Risk Management?” 3 Examples

What are some limitations of risk assessment? Not gathering enough information. Not being able to accurately analyze the information gathered. Not knowing what information to gather. Risk management consists of three components – identifying, assessing, and controlling. Failure can occur at any of these three stages. In previous posts, I …

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How To Grade Risk Management Strategies for Your Stocks

“How do you develop a risk management strategy?” Risk management strategies are methodical and logical plans for pinpointing, analyzing, and addressing risk. The company you’re analyzing faces any number of business and operational risks. Therefore, it pays to research the strategies they’re using to manage these risks. Risk management strategies …

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Business Risk Management: Identifying & Assessing Examples

Business risk management is the identification, analysis, mitigation, and monitoring of threats to a company’s overall well-being. Owners and managers manage risks in an effort to minimize or eliminate the damage done from adverse events. Business risks can be known or unforeseen, probable or unlikely, frequent or rare. Risks can …

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Pick an Industry’s Best Stocks – Competitive Market Analysis

“What is included in a competitive analysis?” A competitive (market) analysis consists of the stock you’re analyzing and its most appropriate competitors. Metrics are chosen to compare each company with the goal of understanding which is best poised for growth. Some metrics are universal, others are more industry-specific. In order …

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