Portfolio Volatility Excel featured

Portfolio Volatility in Excel | A Look at Historical Risk

Portfolio volatility measures how much and how often your investments change in value. The change can be positive or negative. By looking at the historic volatility of a portfolio in Excel, an investor can decide how comfortable they are with the potential changes in value. Everybody likes volatility. As long …

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Compound interest investing spreadsheet featured

Compound Interest Investing Spreadsheet | How Money Grows

Compounding is the 8th Wonder of the world. Compounding is the most powerful force in nature. You have heard all the catchy sayings in regards to compounding. They’re overused, but they’re right. Compounding is very powerful. Until you’re able to see compounding in action, though, its power won’t be completely …

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short term investments featured

Short-Term Investments | Good Return on Your Money + Safety?

Updated 05/01/2021 Feedback? Let me know on Twitter. Information is pulled from numerous sources; including but not limited to Bankrate.com, Morningstar.com, and GOOGLEFINANCE (in Google Sheets). No guarantee of accuracy is made. Where to invest money to get good returns?  Inflation 2.40% Inflation Override 4.80% Investment Type Median Return Return …

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5 Support Videos for the Excel Stock Portfolio Spreadsheet [VIDEO]

Skeptical about what information to include in your stock portfolio spreadsheet? Portfolio headers – video transcript So, what information do you want to capture when you’re creating a stock portfolio spreadsheet in Excel or Sheets? I like to capture the name and symbol, of course, to identify the investment. The …

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stocks best investment to start with featured

Make Money in Stocks: Big Gains & Financial Security

Investors make money in stocks through capital gains (change in share price) or dividends. Money can be made quickly or slowly. It can also be lost. Most stocks are purchased through a brokerage (e.g. Charles Schwab, Fidelity Investments, TD Ameritrade). The simplicity of buying/selling and the potential for big returns …

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does compound interest apply to stocks thumbnail

Does Compound Interest Apply to Stocks? – Get a Better Understanding of How Stocks Create Wealth! [VIDEO]

Interested in the compound interest spreadsheet used in the video? Click here. How do you earn compound interest with stocks? Video summary Technically speaking, stocks do not earn interest. They earn dividends and capital gains. Capital gains can be very volatile. Dividends are less volatile. Ideally, dividends will grow, but …

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