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30 Popular Penny Stocks | Growth, Margin, & Leverage Comparison

Updated 03/26/21 Feedback? Let me know on Twitter. Some penny stocks might be substituted as they move above the $5.00 threshold. Also, those penny stocks that consistently have $0 in revenue or a lack of available financial information. This is the most up-to-date financial information that could be found on …

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Make Money in Stocks: Big Gains & Financial Security

Investors make money in stocks through capital gains (change in share price) or dividends. Money can be made quickly or slowly. It can also be lost. Most stocks are purchased through a brokerage (e.g. Charles Schwab, Fidelity Investments, TD Ameritrade). The simplicity of buying/selling and the potential for big returns …

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Calculate Dividend Safety | 8 Factors to Consider + Examples

“What is a dividend safety score?” Simply Safe Dividends has developed a system to quantify the safety of a stock’s dividend payments. This score specifies the likelihood of a stock’s dividend being cut in the future. A broad range of factors are analyzed to calculate the safety of a stock’s …

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What Is Forward-Looking in Management? Statement & Disclosure

“What is a safe harbor statement?” It is a forward-looking statement that doesn’t pretend to be a fact. It is merely speculation about future events and therefore should not be relied upon as a certainty. Before I delve into this subject, the distinction must be made between actual forward-looking statements …

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Why Long-Term Planning Is Important to Business and Investors

“What are the benefits of a long-term strategy?” All things being equal, buying and holding is easier than frequent trading. If you decide to buy and hold for the long-term, then you want to invest in a company with a long-term outlook. This will ensure that they are operating on …

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“What Are the Limitations of Risk Management?” 3 Examples

What are some limitations of risk assessment? Not gathering enough information. Not being able to accurately analyze the information gathered. Not knowing what information to gather. Risk management consists of three components – identifying, assessing, and controlling. Failure can occur at any of these three stages. In previous posts, I …

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