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Portfolio Volatility in Excel | A Look at Historical Risk

Portfolio volatility measures how much and how often your investments change in value. The change can be positive or negative. By looking at the historic volatility of a portfolio in Excel, an investor can decide how comfortable they are with the potential changes in value. Everybody likes volatility. As long …

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5 Support Videos for the Excel Stock Portfolio Spreadsheet [VIDEO]

Skeptical about what information to include in your stock portfolio spreadsheet? Portfolio headers – video transcript So, what information do you want to capture when you’re creating a stock portfolio spreadsheet in Excel or Sheets? I like to capture the name and symbol, of course, to identify the investment. The …

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1000 a month dividends featured

“How Do I Make $1,000, $500, $100 a Month in Dividends?”

Monthly dividends provide reliable and consistent income. Receiving dividend income monthly is appealing because most expenses are also due monthly. Dividend investors need to know what size of portfolio is necessary to meet their income goals. How much you need to invest to make $100 a month in dividends depends …

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dividend tracking featured

How Do You Keep Track of Dividends? 24 Unique Options

Keeping track of your dividends means monitoring information such as: Date of dividend payments Amount of dividend payments Dividend yields Dividend growth Investors track dividends because it aids them in understanding the quality of their dividend investments. A better understanding should lead to better decision making. Investors track dividends by …

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Social Trading – How To Be Successful + Platform Pros & Cons

What is a social trader? Simply put, a social trader is someone who takes part in social trading. But, what’s that mean? Social trading is a blend between investing and social networking. The act of buying and selling financial instruments is combined with the online interaction between traders who have …

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