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30 Popular Penny Stocks | Growth, Margin, & Leverage Comparison

By Kevin Ballard


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Updated 03/26/21

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Some penny stocks might be substituted as they move above the $5.00 threshold. Also, those penny stocks that consistently have $0 in revenue or a lack of available financial information.

This is the most up-to-date financial information that could be found on Yahoo! Finance. No guarantee of accuracy is made.

What penny stocks are analyzed?

PriceFinancial Info DatedCurrencyTickerCompany Name
$0.6112/31/20USDACSTAcasti Pharma Inc.
$2.6812/31/20BRLABEVAmbev S.A.
$3.4112/31/20USDDSDrive Shack Inc.
$0.809/30/20BRLCTRMCastor Maritime Inc.
$1.7612/31/20USDCIDMCinedigm Corp.
$1.0712/31/20CADDNNDenison Mines Corp.
$4.131/31/21USDEXPRExpress, Inc.
$2.5812/31/20USDGNUSGenius Brands International, Inc.
$0.0112/31/20USDGTLLGlobal Technologies, Ltd.
$1.3312/31/20USDGSATGlobalstar, Inc.
$0.0012/31/20USDHCMCHealthier Choices Management Corp.
$2.759/30/20USDIDEXIdeanomics, Inc.
$4.8512/31/20BRLITUBItaú Unibanco Holding S.A.
$1.809/30/20USDJAGXJaguar Health, Inc.
$1.3612/31/19USDLKCOLuokung Technology Corp.
$0.019/30/20USDMAXDMax Sound Corporation
$1.169/30/20USDAIKIAIkido Pharma Inc.
$0.001/31/21USDMMEXMMEX Resources Corporation
$0.771/31/21USDNAKDNaked Brand Group Limited
$4.0112/31/20EURNOKNokia Corporation
$0.619/30/20CADNAKNorthern Dynasty Minerals Ltd.
$0.9812/31/20USDONTXOnconova Therapeutics, Inc.
$2.779/30/20USDOPGNOpGen, Inc.
$0.119/30/20USDOZSCOzop Energy Solutions, Inc.
$1.079/30/20USDSHIPSeanergy Maritime Holdings Corp.
$2.6912/31/20USDSENSSenseonics Holdings, Inc.
$4.7812/31/20USDSWNSouthwestern Energy Company
$3.3112/31/20USDRIGTransocean Ltd.
$1.749/30/20USDXSPAXpresSpa Group, Inc.
$1.6912/31/20USDZOMZomedica Corp.
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Note the Financial Info Dated and the Currency.

All dollar amounts below are in thousands, unless otherwise stated.

Pick high-performing penny stocks with revenue analysis

TickerCompany NameQuarterly Rev Curr QtrQuarterly Rev Growth Q/QAnnual Rev Curr YearAnnual Rev Growth Y/Y
ACSTAcasti Pharma I…81100.0%0100.0%
ABEVAmbev S.A.18,556,60018.9%58,379,00011.0%
DSDrive Shack Inc…60,287-9.3%219,987-19.1%
CTRMCastor Maritime…2,7917.9%5,96850.7%
CIDMCinedigm Corp.9,95438.6%39,291-26.6%
DNNDenison Mines C…4,09449.3%14,423-7.2%
EXPRExpress, Inc.430,33533.6%1,208,374-40.2%
GNUSGenius Brands I…274-51.1%5,908494.7%
GTLLGlobal Technolo…0100.0%548100.0%
GSATGlobalstar, Inc…33,1721.3%128,487-2.5%
HCMCHealthier Choic…3,228-3.6%13,921-7.9%
IDEXIdeanomics, Inc…10,620126.3%44,567-88.2%
ITUBItaú Unibanco H…36,387,00049.5%95,634,000-15.5%
JAGXJaguar Health, …2,773-12.4%5,77530.8%
LKCOLuokung Technol…?18,779-10.8%
MAXDMax Sound Corpo…0100.0%0100.0%
AIKIAIkido Pharma I…0100.0%9-96.9%
MMEXMMEX Resources …0100.0%0100.0%
NAKDNaked Brand Gro…?90,065-19.5%
NOKNokia Corporati…6,553,00023.8%21,852,000-6.3%
NAKNorthern Dynast…0100.0%0100.0%
ONTXOnconova Therap…57-13.6%231-89.4%
OPGNOpGen, Inc.1,057-11.0%3,49918.8%
OZSCOzop Energy Sol…247100.0%317101.2%
SHIPSeanergy Mariti…19,651117.3%86,499-5.5%
SENSSenseonics Hold…3,885406.5%4,949-76.8%
SWNSouthwestern En…779,00047.8%2,308,000-24.0%
RIGTransocean Ltd.690,000-10.7%3,152,0002.1%
XSPAXpresSpa Group,…20140.6%48,515-3.2%
ZOMZomedica Corp.0100.0%0100.0%
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Penny stocks are attractive, in part, because of their growth potential. Analyzing revenue growth helps you to identify those penny stocks that have the most potential. A high-growth company might not be a penny stock for long! Coupled with the margin and leverage analysis, you can decide which penny stocks you’d like to research further.

Learn more about analyzing revenue growth here.

revenue growth penny stocks april 2021

Quarterly Revenue Growth Q/Q looks at the most recent quarterly revenue amount and compares it to the previous quarter. For instance, this year’s Q2 revenue is compared to this year’s Q1 revenue.

Annual Revenue Growth Y/Y looks at the most recently reported fiscal year’s revenue and compares it to the previous fiscal year’s revenue. This is not revenue for the trailing twelve months (TTM).

Does your favorite penny stock have bad margins?

TickerCompany NameGross Profit Curr YearGross MarginOperating Profit Curr YearOperating MarginNet Profit Curr YearNet Margin
ACSTAcasti Pharma I…00.0%-24,4380.0%-25,513-100.0%
ABEVAmbev S.A.31,312,90053.6%14,075,60024.1%11,379,40019.5%
DSDrive Shack Inc…211,15396.0%-37,356-17.0%-61,934-28.2%
CTRMCastor Maritime…2,00633.6%1,28321.5%828,76413886.8%
CIDMCinedigm Corp.22,14556.4%-4,349-11.1%-15,090-38.4%
DNNDenison Mines C…4,08628.3%-17,759-123.1%-16,283-112.9%
EXPRExpress, Inc.-4,907-0.4%-455,215-37.7%-405,449-33.6%
GNUSGenius Brands I…1,33922.7%-6,506-110.1%-14,862-251.6%
GTLLGlobal Technolo…47887.1%-232-42.4%-551-100.5%
GSATGlobalstar, Inc…79,80662.1%-58,747-45.7%-109,639-85.3%
HCMCHealthier Choic…5,77741.5%-3,068-22.0%-3,722-26.7%
IDEXIdeanomics, Inc…43,10996.7%10,19022.9%-98,508-221.0%
ITUBItaú Unibanco H…71,182,00074.4%5,230,0005.5%18,896,00019.8%
JAGXJaguar Health, …1,95933.9%-24,948-432.0%-44,726-774.5%
LKCOLuokung Technol…3,80320.3%-31,517-167.8%-31,513-167.8%
MAXDMax Sound Corpo…00.0%-6220.0%12,121-100.0%
AIKIAIkido Pharma I…00.0%-5,685-63166.7%-4,183-46477.8%
MMEXMMEX Resources …-2140.0%-1,1530.0%-4,394-100.0%
NAKDNaked Brand Gro…33,81837.5%-26,346-29.3%-54,305-60.3%
NOKNokia Corporati…8,193,00037.5%1,026,0004.7%-2,516,000-11.5%
NAKNorthern Dynast…00.0%-68,7650.0%-69,193-100.0%
ONTXOnconova Therap…00.0%-26,993-11685.3%-25,153-10888.7%
OPGNOpGen, Inc.1,86753.4%-10,971-313.5%-12,446-355.7%
OZSCOzop Energy Sol…26082.2%-1,995-629.6%-6,140-1937.7%
SHIPSeanergy Mariti…19,86223.0%12,88414.9%-11,644-13.5%
SENSSenseonics Hold…-17,366-350.9%-79,130-1598.9%-175,168-3539.5%
SWNSouthwestern En…1,005,00043.5%16,0000.7%-3,112,000-134.8%
RIGTransocean Ltd.2,371,00075.2%188,0006.0%-567,000-18.0%
XSPAXpresSpa Group,…10,66122.0%-9,782-20.2%-21,223-43.7%
ZOMZomedica Corp.00.0%-16,7650.0%-16,912-100.0%
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Penny stocks aren’t exactly known for their profitability. However, there are many that have healthy gross, operating, and net profit margins. The more revenue that a penny stock can carry to the bottom line, the bigger your profit potential!

Learn more about margin analysis here.

margin analysis penny stocks april 2021

Gross Margin = Gross Profit Curr Year ÷ Annual Rev Curr Year. Gross margins can vary widely by industry. Typically, high gross margin industries are more desirable than low gross margin industries. If a company has a negative gross margin that might mean that they have poor pricing strategies. Or, that they have little control over their cost of goods sold (COGS)/cost of sales (COS).

Operating Margin = Operating Profit Curr Year ÷ Annual Rev Curr Year. If gross margins are bad, then operating margins will probably be worse. If a company is young and dumping a lot of money into marketing or R&D – those investments might pay off big time! On the other hand, if most operating expenses consist of salaries for upper management then that particular penny stock might be a dud.

Net Margin = Net Profit Curr Year ÷ Annual Rev Curr Year. Net margin is the percentage of revenue carried down to the bottom line. It’s the profit available to shareholders (like you!) after taxes and interest are paid. Sometimes, other expenses or income can make the Net Margin erratic. A penny stock doesn’t necessarily need to have a positive Net Margin to qualify as a good investment. If it’s a viable company, it should, someday, turn a profit.

What would a 50% change in revenue mean for your penny stock?

TickerCompany NameDegree of Operating LeverageInterest Expense Current YearDegree of Financial Leverage
ACSTAcasti Pharma I…-0.32471.0
ABEVAmbev S.A.-1.21,786,6001.1
DSDrive Shack Inc…1.510,9680.8
CTRMCastor Maritime…0.62221.2
CIDMCinedigm Corp.0.87,2580.4
DNNDenison Mines C…3.73,1750.8
EXPRExpress, Inc.-85.301.0
GNUSGenius Brands I…0.08070.9
GTLLGlobal Technolo…0.11,6380.1
GSATGlobalstar, Inc…2.748,4290.5
HCMCHealthier Choic…2.82730.9
IDEXIdeanomics, Inc…1.65,6162.2
ITUBItaú Unibanco H…5.401.0
JAGXJaguar Health, …-0.15,7310.8
LKCOLuokung Technol…-17.81021.0
MAXDMax Sound Corpo…-0.61,1030.4
AIKIAIkido Pharma I…-0.301.0
MMEXMMEX Resources …-0.41,8470.4
NAKDNaked Brand Gro…0.55,2130.8
NOKNokia Corporati…-1.1235,0001.3
NAKNorthern Dynast…0.01341.0
ONTXOnconova Therap…-0.301.0
OPGNOpGen, Inc.-0.91881.0
OZSCOzop Energy Sol…0.42,1730.5
SHIPSeanergy Mariti…-1.114,801-6.7
SENSSenseonics Hold…0.516,1670.8
SWNSouthwestern En…3.994,000-0.2
RIGTransocean Ltd.-139.0575,000-0.5
XSPAXpresSpa Group,…11.22,9000.8
ZOMZomedica Corp.-0.211.0
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Penny stocks, like anyone, can earn extraordinary returns from leverage. Leverage can take two forms for a company – operating and financial. Leverage is a double-edged sword, however. It can hurt as much as it can help.

Learn more about operating leverage here.

Learn more about financial leverage here.

penny stock leverage april 2021

Degree of Operating Leverage is measured by comparing the change in Operating Profit to the Change in Annual Revenue. For example, if a company has a Degree of Operating Leverage of 1.5, then a 50% increase in Revenue would be expected to result in a 75% increase in Operating Profit (50% × 1.5). The reverse is also true. A 50% decrease in Revenue would be expected to result in a 75% decrease in Operating Profit (-50% × 1.5)!

Degree of Financial Leverage is measured by comparing Operating Profit to Interest Expense. For example, if a company has a Degree of Financial Leverage of 1.1, then a 50% increase in Operating Profit would be expected to result in a 55% increase in Net Profit (50% × 1.1). Again, the reverse is also true. A 50% decrease in Operating Profit would be expected to result in a 55% decrease in Net Profit (-50% × 1.1)!

Learn even more about leverage, plus other useful ratios to analyze here.

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