penny stocks featured

30 Popular Penny Stocks | Growth, Margin, & Leverage Comparison

Updated 03/26/21 Feedback? Let me know on Twitter. Some penny stocks might be substituted as they move above the $5.00 threshold. Also, those penny stocks that consistently have $0 in revenue or a lack of available financial information. This is the most up-to-date financial information that could be found on …

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dividend safety featured

Calculate Dividend Safety | 8 Factors to Consider + Examples

“What is a dividend safety score?” Simply Safe Dividends has developed a system to quantify the safety of a stock’s dividend payments. This score specifies the likelihood of a stock’s dividend being cut in the future. A broad range of factors are analyzed to calculate the safety of a stock’s …

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“What Are the Benefits of Financial Ratios?” 21 Examples

“Why bother calculating financial ratios?” Financial ratios are used by investment analysts to put financial statements into context. Financial ratios simplify the financial statements, which in turn makes the information easier to understand. On any public company‘s financial statements you’ll find a lot of very large numbers. It’s difficult to …

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cost analysis featured

What Are the Cost Analysis Methods Investors Can Use?

What are the cost analysis methods that investors can use? First, an investor needs to understand the categories of costs that affect the company they’re analyzing. Then, they need to apply their knowledge of the industry when forecasting future costs (and profits). This should put investors in a favorable position …

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