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Business Growth & Expansion Strategies | $ENR Stock Example

Generally speaking – growth in stock price depends on growth in profit; which depends on growth in sales. The company you are analyzing will likely need a sound strategy to grow sales. As a potential investor, you want to draw your own conclusions about management’s business growth and expansion strategies. …

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business growth strategies featured

5 Strategies That Growth Stocks Use To Drive Higher Revenue

In general, there are five strategies a business can use to encourage sales growth. These are: Market penetration Market development Product expansion Diversification Acquisition Business growth strategies and their corresponding stage This post builds on the previous, which covered the stages of the business life cycle. These topics are related …

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Does Senior Management Have the Right Qualifications?

A company’s executives have a direct and indirect effect on every decision made throughout the organization. They are the people behind every number in a financial statement. The decisions these people make will ultimately determine whether a company is successful or not. An investor who is not familiar with the …

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