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Average Revenue per Sales Rep Investment Analysis – Facebook Example [VIDEO]

Average Revenue per Sales Rep Video Summary This analysis is just for perspective. It rounds out the rest of the “Effectiveness of the sales organization” posts. This is not an exact analysis. Merely a way to compare stocks. Other factors might contribute to high or low Sales per Rep numbers. …

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Conversion Funnel Analysis: From Unaware to Raving Fan

A conversion funnel analysis is part of an overall examination of the sales organization; it examines how efficiently a business turns leads into its best customers. There are a series of “levels” that a customer passes through on their way to becoming a raving fan. These levels can be pictured …

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3 Real-Life Examples of Unique Selling Propositions + How-To

A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is what compels customers to choose one company over another – it’s up to each investor to decide what a company’s USP is. The USP will help define a company’s Serviceable Obtainable Market. Ultimately determining their full potential. Knowing a company’s total potential market helps …

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Sales Target Analysis, What Is It? – Facebook (FB) Example

A sales target analysis compares actual revenue to expected revenue. The expected revenue is the “target.” When performing a sales target analysis as part of your stock research, several different targets can be used. A sales target analysis provides a couple of key benefits to the investor. First, it allows …

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Revenue Growth Analysis – Calculator for Facebook, Inc. (FB)

A revenue growth analysis is the examination of changes in total revenue. Further insights can be gained by looking at revenue growth by categories such as segments and geographic regions. Analyzing unit sales and price changes is also valuable. Understanding how and why revenue is changing helps with forecasting the …

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