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5 Support Videos for the Excel Stock Portfolio Spreadsheet [VIDEO]

Skeptical about what information to include in your stock portfolio spreadsheet? Portfolio headers – video transcript So, what information do you want to capture when you’re creating a stock portfolio spreadsheet in Excel or Sheets? I like to capture the name and symbol, of course, to identify the investment. The …

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Does Compound Interest Apply to Stocks? – Get a Better Understanding of How Stocks Create Wealth! [VIDEO]

Interested in the compound interest spreadsheet used in the video? Click here. How do you earn compound interest with stocks? Video summary Technically speaking, stocks do not earn interest. They earn dividends and capital gains. Capital gains can be very volatile. Dividends are less volatile. Ideally, dividends will grow, but …

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Compound Interest Investing in Stocks – How It Works and How You Can Earn It! [VIDEO]

Interested in the compound interest spreadsheet used in the video? Click here. Does compound interest apply to stocks? Video summary Compounding helps investments grow at an ever-increasing rate. Both assets and liabilities can compound. It can work for or against you. The more frequent the compounding, the greater the return. …

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Finding the Best Stocks | Impact of Management & Employees

Investment Analysis – The Impact of Management & Employees Video Summary People are behind every company you invest in. Are the employees working for or against you – as an investor? Are management’s incentives aligned with yours? Fisher’s (Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits) points 7, 8, and 9 are: “Does …

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Create Your Ideal Investment Portfolio | One You Believe In

A good investment portfolio is one that meets your needs in terms of return, volatility, and time horizon. Tools, like spreadsheets, can measure these factors. A good investment portfolio today might not meet your needs in the future. Creating a good investment portfolio means selecting the right assets from the …

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Don’t Invest in Over-Leveraged Stocks – Analyze Margins [VIDEO]

How do you analyze profit margins? Video summary There are three primary profit margins to analyze when researching stocks: Gross margin Gross profit ÷ revenue Operating margin Operating profit ÷ revenue Net margin Net profit ÷ revenue It’s also important to analyze the levers that drive margins. Those are: Degree …

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Average Revenue per Sales Rep Investment Analysis – Facebook Example [VIDEO]

Average Revenue per Sales Rep Video Summary This analysis is just for perspective. It rounds out the rest of the “Effectiveness of the sales organization” posts. This is not an exact analysis. Merely a way to compare stocks. Other factors might contribute to high or low Sales per Rep numbers. …

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Finding the Best Stocks | Analyzing Gross Margin & Inventory [VIDEO]

Download the Sales vs Inventory spreadsheet Complete the form below and click Submit.A link to the Google Sheet will be emailed to you. Once you’re in the spreadsheet, click on File > Make a copy to edit. I’ll no longer be responding to “Requests for access.” Loading… How do you …

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Track Your Stock Portfolio Returns Using Google Sheets (or Excel) – Step by Step Tutorial

Have a lot of dividend-paying stocks in your portfolio? Read this post:CREATE AN AMAZING DIVIDEND TRACKING SPREADSHEET (EXCEL) Video transcript – Stock portfolio How to make a stock portfolio and Excel, Google Sheets, or any other spreadsheet software. This how-to can be followed along in either Google Sheets or in …

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